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Floor screed / concrete for sale Scotland

Floor Screed

We offer a floor screed laying service. There are several options available depending on your requirements. All are suitable for use with underfloor heating for new and retro fit projects.

Free Flowing Anhydrite Screed

The easiest option with minimal labour required. We use our screed pump to disperse this fluid mix directly from the drum mixer that delivers it. Our liquid screed finds its own level and easily covers all pipework if installing underfloor heating. Ideal for a fast and efficient installation and ready to walk on within 48 hours allowing your tradesmen to continue working on site.

Concrete Screed

This produces a hard and nearly impossible to damage surface ready to walk on the next day. Underfloor heating can be slowly turned up over a period of two weeks and works efficiently with conducting heat from below. The finished surface can we tiled, laminated or simply polished to produce a minimal and contemporary look. Please call us for more information on polished concrete floors.

Sand & Cement Screed

This option is the one to use for wet rooms where a gradual incline for drainage is required. This floor finish can be polished or tiled.This floor screed is made up of 4:1 and 5:1 sand to cement ratio with added fibres to assist with integral strength.

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