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Volumetric Concrete Mixing

What is Volumetric Mixing?

The art of volumetric concrete mixing is not a new thing. The Egyptians used this basic method when building the pyramids by mixing consistent quantities of sand, gravel, cement and water.

Our mixers carry these materials on board which are measured and mixed by the computer to match your project specification to provide the exact grade and volume of concrete for your needs.  This eliminates having to calculate in advance the quantities required and removes the hassle and expense of over or under ordering.  No waste and no interruptions to your project, or having to order more or having to dispose of unused concrete, or worse, having to pay for it being taken away. 

Our volumetric mixer lorries provide top grade engineered concrete using only the best quality washed mineral gravel, natural sand and CEM1 cement. Our state of the art computerised vehicles will mix the on board aggregates to any specification or grade. This means that the grade of concrete can be simply altered if one part of your project needs some GEN1 for a cavity fill and a floor slab at C35. Our vehicles are so versatile that we can stop and change the mix to suit multiple applications and volumes. Our friendly qualified drivers will assist with your varying requests.

No matter how big or small your project we will deliver exactly the right amount to exactly where you need it.

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